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Second new tune from genre-jumpers Chronographs

Chronographs - The Hunter track art

Last month, British band Chronographs unveiled their new musical direction with a track called “Losing Light.” Up until then, the five-piece were known for writing intelligent and expressive tech metal, but with three years since their Nausea EP was written, it’s hardly surprising that things have changed.

As a band, they’ve clearly moved on. “Losing Light” featured no overdriven guitars, nor harsh vocals, and it’s a trend that’s continued in this month’s new song “The Hunter.

They’ve not entirely ditched the tech, however. Whilst the speed is gone, there is still a lot of thoughtfulness behind everything the band are doing, and it’s quite exciting. The main guitar line – stabbed chords, interspersed with some firm and calculated lead sections – seems simple at first, but its pacing is ever so slightly off-kilter and it’s very clever. Finn Mclean’s drums, which open the track alone, lend huge punch to the guitars, and there are some nice little flourishes from bassist Tom Benson.

Vocalist Jon Sinfield is really showing his colours now though. The impressive roars of Nausea are, as mentioned, completely discarded for cleans (“staying clean and making sure to do things right”) - bar some sections with extra ‘strain’ on them – and it is absolutely wonderful. He is the perfect focal point for Chronographs new direction, and

Here is “The Hunter“:

Chronographs will be doing this every month for a year, and if the rest are anything like the first couple, they’ll be well worth spending some money on. Head here to pick up this one.