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The Chronographs revolution continues with ‘summer song’ “Flat White”

Chrnographs Flat White

We secretly thought Chronographs weren’t going to make it this month. Their year-long quest to provide one new song a month has been going great guns, but the end of June crept up on us like [redacted Rolf Harris reference] and it seemed like the month would pass us by without new material.

Not to be made liars, however, the quintet flashed out track four yesterday like an old man in a trenchcoat – and it’s possibly their most surprising track yet.

Dispensing with the usual spiel as much as possible, Chronographs used to play angular tech metal, but since March have been releasing music with an entirely different flavour – and it seems this month’s is coffee. The intelligence is still there, but this is tuff you can play for your mum.

Billed as a ‘summer single’, “Flat White” is the most poppy we’ve seen Chronographs so far, and genuinely, it’s one of those songs that your totally untrve, mvsically ignorant younger sibling, or even the preppy girls at the mall might like. This is something you, in your infinite wisdom, can snigger at; yes, it’s ridiculously catchy, but the tech is ever present. They won’t even know they’re listening to a (former) metal band! The fools!

Or something like that. What’s great to see is that the vocal majority of existing Chronofans are right along for the ride. Since “Losing Light” premiered in March, the love-in has been strong, and it seems like this new one is already a favourite. I know I love it.

On the subject of the song, the band said:

For June we wanted to try and work on a hedonistic summer single. Something that went perfectly with a beer on the beach or for the car on the way to play footie with your mates. Working with different restraints, writing simple catchy melodies and upbeat chord progressions, was a new challenge and something that we’ve never tried – suddenly we had no technical “wow-factor” to hide behind.

You can read the rest of what they had to say over on their blog, and as ever, you can find links to buy the songs over at the band’s website. Next month’s song has been given a title already – “Dots” – and promises to be a lot mathier.

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