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Cloudkicker’s Ben Sharp announces details for new album Subsume

Cloudkicker - Subsume

One could assume that most of you reading this will know who Cloudkicker is – which you really should, after all – but for the initiated, meet Ben Sharp, the one-man musical maestro who was arguably instrumental in the explosion of the ‘bedroom project’ wave, by showing the world what it was possible to achieve on your own, with only your instruments and/or drum programming, and without spending thousands in studio and mixing fees.

With five full-length albums interspersed with three EPs, it was undoubtedly Ben’s 2010 album Beacons that saw him break out to much wider popularity – but he’s notoriously uninterested in fame or money, preferring to keep Cloudkicker purely as a hobby, and only more recently accepting money for his music – and even then only “pay what you like”.

So, very much in the low-key vein to which we’ve become accustomed with Mr. Sharp, he’s announced details this weekend regarding the release of his sixth album – in two weeks!

Now, before we get going on these details, can we just stop for a moment to drink in how utterly gorgeous that album art is? That is some stunning photography, and whilst some may roll their eyes at the lens flare (“how very hipster”, they might say”), it looks damn good, don’t you think?

In a post yesterday on his official Tumblr, Ben announced the new record will be called Subsume, which means to include or absorb something within something else. Cloudkicker’s albums are often loaded with meaning, from the album names to the track titles – despite being entirely instrumental pieces – so that meaning is one of the many facets present in his music for the listener to unravel.

A previous tumblr post had revealed what appeared to be track titles and that artwork, which have now been confirmed, asa remix by Ben’s brother t16 (hyperdrive generator?) of track 1 “The warmth of the daytime seemed like a dream now.” will be included for those who pre-order.

01. The warmth of the daytime seemed like a dream now.
02. A weather front was stalled out in the Pacific—like a lonely person, lost in thought, oblivious of time.
03. He would be riding on the subway or writing formulas on the blackboard or having a meal or (as now) sitting and talking to someone across a table, and it would envelop him like a soundless tsunami.
04. You could laugh forever but never end up happy.

That track is also up as a preview. Much like last year’s Fade, it’s a much more stripped back, ambient electronic affair, as opposed to the earlier riffer albums like The Discovery or Portmanteau.

Subsume will be released on September 14th, and is now available to digitally pre-order via Bandcamp for $1 or more. There will be no physical CD release, however there will be a standard red and limited edition run of 100 2-colour opaque vinyl releases, which look pretty beautiful too.

Cloudkicker - Subsume vinyl Chris