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Party Cannon

Due to my relative newbness here at The Monolith, I haven’t had much of a chance to go on about the fantastic Scottish death metal scene much. Man Must Die have reigned as the Scottish heavyweights of death metal for some time now, and more recently we have witnessed the powerful Cerebral Bore emerge onto the scene, but there are a bunch of lesser known acts that really deserve some recognition. We recently reviewed Glasgow death metal madmen Scordatura, who are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, but now it’s time to take a turn for the silly.

Slam. Where to start with slam. If death metal could be personified as a methodical, creepy serial killer, then slam should be personified as the killer’s “special” younger brother who spends more of his time inappropriately touching barnyard animals than committing actual murders – and Party Cannon (formerly known as Jack Welsh and the Mustaches) are even…specialer.

As a long time fan and friend of this band, I can tell you that they always put on a brilliant show. Their recorded songs are fantastic, but nothing in comparison to the live show. Firstly, because it’s so silly. Secondly, because slams. Flawless logic. If you are unfamiliar with what a slam is, then think a death metal breakdown with frets (Oh nO, thOt’s nOt djOnt!). This new song, which appears to be based on a character from Regular Show, has everything we expect from the Solicitors of Slam, Party Cannon (formerly known as Chris Ryan and the Dancing Spastics). We are treated to erratic, vicious riffing, an unrelenting drum barrage, ridiculous basswork and a healthy dose a brees, squees and weebly beeps.

And of course, slams, which is undoubtedly the most important part.

The song, called “High Five Ghost“, is taken from Party Cannon’s (formerly known as Stone Cold Tony and the Love Luchadores) upcoming EP Partied in Half, which is due for release on September 23rd via Autopsy Records, which was recorded by Hamish Maguire of Laceration fame. It is certainly something to look forward to. Most of their stuff is available for free download on Bandcamp, so go and check it out, get silly and slam some slams with Party Cannon (formerly known as Craig Robinsons Tap-dancing Paraplegics). Here are some other notable tunes to get you started.