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Another string for the crowdfunding bow approaches with Conducting From The Grave’s forthcoming self-titled effort

Conducting From The Grave

Sacramento’s own Conducting From The Grave orchestrated a fairly successful crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, raising over $19,000 from a modest $15,000 goal in order to independently record a new album. Disillusioned with the label process, they took matters into their own hands in order to cover tracking/mixing/mastering debts, artwork and hard copy pressing, promotional expenses, a music video/single, tour support  and merch expenses. That’s quite a lot of bang for their buck, so good on ‘em.

The campaign ended on July 3rd, so it’s not been that long yet, but we’re already being treated to a slice of the forthcoming, self-titled pie with the track “The Rise“, which was debuted yesterday.

I’ll admit minimal familiarity with CFTG, despite their name having popped up a fair few times over recent years, but it’s not a bad first tune to hear. Some sort of death metal/thrash hybrid, I wouldn’t say there’s anything groundbreaking here, but it’s strong, and the solo towards the end carries the song along nicely.

Conducting From The Grave will be independently released on October 1st, and you can pre-order it, as well as a number of t-shirt options, from this location here. Three CA shows will be played at the beginning of October to celebrate the release: 4th at Cobalt Cafe in Canoga Park, 5th at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, and 6th at Classic Cue in South Lake Tahoe.