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Cormorant stream new track from forthcoming third album

Cormorant - Earth Diver album art

Way back last year, Bay-Area band Cormorant launched a crowdfunding campaign for their latest record. They’ve always been fiercely DIY, and their third full-length was never going to be any different. They raised almost $1000 above their modest $7.5k goal, and over the past six months have gone about recording and promoting Earth Diver, the record’s title.

We did get a teaser back in October when one of the eight new tracks was premiered, Titled “Waking Sleep,” across its 9+ minute span it delivered across Cormorant’s varied styles, including their folky, acoustic prog, as well as

About a week ago, the quartet updated their campaign to say that the official release date had been set for next month, and pre-order packages were almost ready to ship. The above album art was released as well, which looks awesome, and certainly rivals the epic piece from their last album Dwellings.

Noisey today premiered a new song from the band called “The Pythia.” In ancient Greek culture, the Pythia – perhaps better known as the Oracle of Delphi – was the head priestess at the Temple of the sun god Apollo in the mountains of southern Greece. She would be sought out for prophecies, and in fact got a fair few right.

The track is also streaming on Bandcamp below, along with “Waking Sleep” – and it’s here you can pick up a variety of goodies including a physical copy, apparel and posters. Go here for that.

Earth Diver will be out April 8th, and as ever will be self-released.