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Cynic are back with a new track – “The Lion’s Roar” – and a new direction


Prog group Cynic are pretty legendary at this point. Their debut album Focus was unlike anything that had been heard at the time, and their follow up Traced In Air (after a 15 year wait) pushed those boundaries even more. They released a couple EPs, and finally this past year announced that they would be making a third full length album, to be titled Kindly Bent To Free Us. On Tuesday, the world finally got their taste of the first new Cynic material since 2011’s Carbon Based Anatomy.with the song “The Lion’s Roar.”

The new track was released in the form of a lyric video, and it is titled “The Lion’s Roar.” It honestly feels to me like Cynic are moving further and further away from metal, and into the kind of sound that Masdival and Reinhart made with Aeon Spoke. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you’re going to sound like that why would you not just continue with Aeon Spoke instead of using Cynic as your vessel for it? I like the new song well enough, and it certainly has the same jazzy progressive flair, but it just feels like it lacks the same element as other Cynic releases. To expect the band to stay the same for any period of time would be unreasonable, of course, but I still would expect them to keep Aeon Spoke away from Cynic.

The bass parts are probably my favourite part of the song. They are so much fun to listen to, just all over the place and they sound pretty good too. The guitar tone is also quite nice, I like that they don’t over-saturate and over-compress it like many bands try to do these days. That

Someone asked former Cynic guitarist Tymon Kruidenier what he thought of the new song. Surely he liked it, right?


Ah, well, I guess that’s fair enough.

Kindly Bent To Free Us will be released on February 14th via Season of Mist.

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