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Dead In The Dirt are streaming their new album in its entirety!

Dead In The Dirt - The Blind Hole

Just the other day when new writer Elliot shared with us a track from the upcoming Dead In The Dirt album, I touched upon in the comments why I felt it was strange to build hype for a grind album by releasing a track early. For me at least, the nature of grind is that they are chaotic releases that often work best as a complete, cohesive package. Grind and crust are genres that, for the most part, are incredibly formulaic in essence, meaning that the only way bands are able to differentiate themselves is through the details, and the aforementioned cohesion that ties it all together.

Dead In The Dirt, a vegan straightedge grindcore band from Atlanta, are really fucking angry and deliver a slab of devastating distilled violence with their latest effort, The Blind Hole. Now, the album is streaming in full so you can experience it as it was meant to be.
While this is a short release, it is uncompromising, and at times, obnoxiously loud. Chaotic is a word often used in association with grind, and Southern Lord could just as easily claim copyright over it after this release from these crazy kids, but really what does this music achieve? As we all know, ever since Napalm Death, grind has a strict ethic and moral code that it has vehemently stuck to. As we’ve noticed in more and more videos recently, it’s clear that extreme metal (and by extension, grind) has a problem with the systems that this world currently operates on. The problem with criticism though, is that frankly, it’s easy to do. In order to improve, one should come up with a solution, a new idea of how to exist.

Ultimately, while these bands rage through their sets, what we’re really hearing is a sense of righteousness, almost of entitlement, as if we deserve better, yet never explaining why or how. It seems slightly futile to me, as if the solution doesn’t matter in the face of violent complaint, which to me seems like the complete reversal of how it should be.

Regardless, The Blind Hole is a cracking debut album, following on from their excellent EP Fear. Dead In The Dirt prove themselves as a band with a strong sense of awareness, capable of blending multiple different styles and influences in a number of engaging ways. The album works in bursts, sometimes bombarding the listener with furious blasts and pained howls, and other times shifting into something that even resembles melody. The Blind Hole also contains its fair share of exuberant feedback blasts in between all the riffing, which sometimes can be somewhat excruciating, such as in the climax of “Strength Through Restraint“. Production wise, the album is well suited to the overall sound and aesthetic Dead In The Dirt are striving for. Quite often band’s potentials are squandered by ill-fitting production, but here it’s equal parts grimy, forceful and polished.

All in all, Dead In The Dirt have made an overbearing and powerful album that will ram its way down your throat. This slice of sonic mayhem takes no prisoners, and I like that. Check it out here.

The Blind Hole is out now via Southern Lord Records.

What do you guys think? Are you digging the Dead In The Dirt? Are you a fan of grind? What do you think of the recent ethical dilemnas put forward by various bands? Sound off in the comments!

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