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Southern Lord’s crust division has just got dirtier with a new Dead In The Dirt song released!

Dead In The Dirt - The Blind Hole

At one point, Southern Lord Records put forward nothing but soul-destroying doom. Nowadays, however, they have embraced a more vicious, demented genre – crust. One such band is Atlanta’s own Dead In The Dirt, who will unleash their apocalyptic debut album in the near future.

This album, The Blind Hole, contains 22 gritty tracks and clocks in at around 24 minutes – indicating crust’s deep-rooted, partnership with grind. Dead in the Dirt manage to fuse the erratic, ultraviolent insanity of grind with a more conservative form of hardcore punk, all under a big crusty banner. The result leaves you as a broken individual. You feel as if you have been used as a crude substitute for a baseball bat, which has been used to beat down another equally stunned individual.

DITD released an 80 second preview for the album in the form of blistering new track “No Chains“, which is the closest experience possible to being liquefied. Prepare thyself for aggression. And some short, sweet blastbeats towards the end.  Check it out at their Soundcloud here.

Now, as always with grind, it is tailored towards a particular mood – namely the “FUCK FUCKING EVERY FUCKING THING…FUCK” kind of mood. It is the audio equivalent of sheer hostility, which means it is incredibly one sided in regards to ticking creative boxes. Is it heavy? Yes. Is it powerful? Yes. Does it make you want to stab toddlers with steak knives? Yes (or is that just me?). Is it progressive? No. Is it innovative? No. Is it a masterpiece? No.

Grind (and it’s hardcore influenced cousin, crust) is one of those genres that you have to ‘get’ in order to truly enjoy, which makes this song, or the whole genre in general, very hit or miss for a lot of people. Luckily, the albums are short enough that it’s impossible to get bored. Overall, I recommend checking this out, especially if you feel a little down in the proverbial dumps. It will pick you up and just make you feel angry! Angry is better than sad. But not for your enemies!

Here’s a couple of tracks from their previous EP (released last year), to sweeten the deal. Go mental!

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of Dead In The Dirt’s music? Do you like crust in general? How well do you think they represent the genre? Do you like the fact that Southern Lord is branching out more? Sound off in the comments!