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Destrage have premiered a third song from their forthcoming album Are You Kidding Me? No.

Destrage - Are You Kidding Me No

We’ve had a lyrics video and ten a proper video from Italians Destrage, but it seems they’re not quite done amping up for their new album despite the latter of those only being last week, as we now have a third new song out and available for consumption.

It’s called “Host, Rifles & Coke” and is the fourth track from said record – Are You Kidding Me? No. – and continues the political theme of “Purania” in a round-about, but not specifically related way. It aims its catchy ire at the military, blaring the chorus line “I just can’t find a good reason to die for you” and including a short sample of a woman talking about Italian military spending (apparently it costs €80million every day).

Over on the premiere at Metal Insider, the band had the following to say:

“Two of them are priests, ten became soldiers, one is a parliament folk. While all the others pack files in folders to buy them hosts, rifles and coke, spending public money on culture instead of religion, armaments and politics would make this a better place.”

Whilst the translation blurs understanding a little, you get the idea of what they’re saying: if money was spent on art and culture rather than less-desirable things, everyone would be better off.

It’s a nice, if slightly idealist sentiment, which is generally expressed a little like this:

It’s a really strong song either way; it’s hard-hitting and aggressive, and packed with the kind of variety which is present right across the record. Check out that bitchin’ solo, yeah?

Are You Kidding Me? No. is due out at the end of this week in Europe, and the beginning of next week in the UK and US, through Metal Blade Records.