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Hard rock supergroup Doomriders unveil new music from Grand Blood

Doomriders - Grand Blood

You can’t really fault Doomriders‘ pedigree. Not only does vocalist/guitarist Nate Newton plays bass in Converge and guitar in Old Man Gloom, but bassist Jebb Riley used to be in Bostonian hardcore band There Were Wires, and former drummer JR Conners is in the absolutely seminal mathcore/space rock outfit Cave In.

Their pedigree is backed up with something too, though. 2009′s Darkness Come Alive was a monster of an album, forging ahead with the members’ obvious prior talents to create a blend of metal and hard rock that is often attempted, but not normally pulled off with such confidence and skill.

The group have been working together to produce a follow-up to that record, and the result is just around the corner. Titled Grand Blood, it’s due to see them pushing themselves into “wilder sonic territory previously unexplored by the band”, creating harsh and charged environments, but with hooks aplenty, and Nate Newton’s evolving vocal ability.

You can hear some of that for yourself in this new track “Dead Friends“, which pretty neatly encapsulates what the band are good for:

Grand Blood has been recorded and produced by Kurt Ballou, which is about as “well duh” of a statement as you can get, given their involvement together in one of the most lauded hardcore bands of the past twenty years. Tattoo artist Thomas Hooper has handled the fairly simple but beautifully composed album art. Hooper has previously provided for the likes of Neurosis‘ Scott Kelly, Brooklyn’s experimental metal band Tombs, and Norwegian stoner metal dudes Krakow.

Grand Blood will be out October 15th through Deathwish Inc. Doomriders are due to head out in support of High On Fire in November along with Kvelertak, as well as being booked for Bristol’s Temples Festival in May of next year.