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An apt song for Dream Theater to preview to pull you back in ahead of their live DVD

Dream Theater

Dream Theater are undoubtedly the most legendary prog metal band of all time, and are my own personal favourite band. That said, their newest self-titled album did not impress me on the first listen; it sounds patchy, like a shadow of their former greatness. However, there are still reminders that this band was one of the titans of prog, as they are soon to be releasing a live DVD from the tour for their last studio album A Dramatic Turn of Events. The DVD, called Live at Luna Park, was filmed over two nights in Beunos Aires, Argentina. It will see release on November 4th, but for now we have been presented with a live video of their classic (and only) hit single, “Pull Me Under”.

Being the resident prog expert and resident Dream Theater fanboy (because every music blog should have one of those), I can say that this is the reminder the world needed that the band still has greatness. Their live show is always fantastic, and they really know how to feed off the energy of the adoring crowd. This version of “Pull Me Under” is no different; John Petrucci’s tone is razor sharp, especially on the leads, and Jordan looks so cool in his wizard hat. James LaBrie, long criticized for his voice, sounds alright, though this is the closer so it is the end of the night and he is probably tired. Combine that with age and his voice isn’t as all powerful as it used to be, but he does still show glimpses of that old LaBrie, moreso here than on the last few studio albums. Mike Mangini is a capable, but not perfect, replacement for Mike Portnoy, and he does his job well enough.

Taking all that into account, I still found myself rocking the fuck out while listening to this track. I will almost certainly buy the DVD when it is released. I will always love this band, and their music – which got me into metal and prog – will always have a special place in my heart. Long live Dream Theater!

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