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Dream Theater release another new song from their impending self titled album

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We previously covered Dream Theater’s first single to be released from their upcoming self-titled album, “The Enemy Inside”, and I thought it was an excellent entry for the prog metal pioneers, being both heavy and melodic, pretty much all the hallmarks of Dream Theater. In advance of the album’s release, a second track has been released for streaming.

The new song is called “Along For The Ride” and it seems like a typical Dream Theater ballad-type song. I won’t say it’s the best thing I’ve ever heard, because it isn’t. It has some really cool guitar parts, and Jordan Rudess’ keyboard solo is fantastic, but overall it is a fairly typical ballad/power ballad type song, the kind of which Dream Theater can do in their sleep. It’s no “Spirit Carries On” or “Hollow Years” (their best ballads) is what I’m saying. That doesn’t mean I dislike it, the chorus is nice, happy, and catchy, and as previously mentioned, Jordan kills it with his keyboard solo, which sounds like nothing he has done before in terms of tone. And one thing that does need to be mentioned is Mike Mangini’s drumming, since that seems to be a huge focus. His drumming is really good. While it doesn’t replicate the distinct work of Mike Portnoy, it finds its own place within Dream Theater’s sound, fitting nicely with the rest of the band.

It is a short song, at just four minutes and forty five seconds it feels almost incomplete to me. It goes by so quickly, I feel like it should be about a minute longer, which is an odd thing to say about a band who has a half a dozen songs that clock in at 20+ minutes.

The Enemy Inside” got me really excited for the album, whereas “Along For The Ride” doesn’t really do much to get my prog-blood boiling. At least I know that the 20 minute epic, “Illumination Theory” awaits me on the album. That provides more than enough incentive to continue to be excited for the album.

Go here to hear the new tune.

Dream Theater comes out on September 24 on Roadrunner Records.

What do you guys think? Do you like this new song? How do you think it compares to “The Enemy Inside”? Are you excited for the album? How do you think Mike Mangini fits into Dream Theater’s sound? Sound off in the comments!

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