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Dust Moth (XVIII Eyes, ex-Minus The Bear, ex-Undertow and Narrows) debut new song “Casual Friends”

Dust Moth 2014

It took a moment to recall where we’d heard the name before, but we actually mentioned U.S. quintet Dust Moth in passing back in September when they released a split with Pelican splinter group ÆgesAs it turns out, their members have quite a background of underground acclaim. With XVIII Eyes vocalist Irene Barber, ex-Minus The Bear keyboardist and renowned producer Matt Bayles, ex-guitarist Mark Holcomb, and my personal favourite guitarist Ryan Frederksen (ex of These Arms Are Snakes and currently of Narrows with Botch‘s Dave Verellen), they have some talent between them.

They’re returning soon with a their first full release Dragon Mouth in March through The Mylene Sheath, and have debuted a new song called “Casual Friendsover at Brooklyn Vegan.Check it out:

Dead impressed. They tag themselves as a “heavy gaze” band, and it’s a delightfully simple description that fits the sound very well. Melding the ethereal qualities of TAAS and Minus The Bear with the magnificent voice of Barber, it’s a heady mix, akin to the inertia of a car crash in slow motion. It also recalls Deftones in no small degree, in that the vocalist is reminiscent of a female Chino Moreno.

Dragon Mouth will be out March 25th through The Mylene Sheath.