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London tech metallers release a new single from their forthcoming album

Exist Immortal 2014 The Monolith

We’ve had a lot of nice things to say about Exist Immortal recently. Simon saw them on their recent UK headlining tour and was impressed with how they’ve grown in between every instance in which we’ve seen them. Just prior to that they released the first new track from their forthcoming album Darkness Of An Agecalled “Edge Of Infinity – and now we’ve got a second new slice of material in the form of “Legions,” the album’s second track.

The new music is sounding great so far. There’s a real sense of groove sparking from the five piece, and both this and the previous song see some gargantuan fat-chewing riffery flowing from the trio of stringsmen. Frontman Meyrick de la Fuente continues his climb from decent to destructive, showcasing more than a little proficiency with both roars and some distinctive clean singing, and the cadence of both styles compliments the burly nature of the music in different but equally welcome ways.

Anyway, check out the new track here:

Darkness Of An Age is due for release on May, and you can pre-order it from their Bandcamp at this location.

The band are scheduled to play all three Tech-Fest all-dayer events – the first of which is tomorrow in Manchester at Dry Live with the likes of Chimp Spanner, Aliases and The Sun Explodes, with the Bristol and London ones set for April 13th and June 8th respectively – so try and make it to one of those if you can!