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Fates Warning darkness

Prog metal legends Fates Warning are really ramping up the promotion machine for their upcoming new album Darkness in a Different Light, aren’t they? Just a few days ago a new song called “Into the Black” appeared on a podcast, and the Lord saw that it was good. It had crunchy riffs, a memorable melody, and great musicianship. Mere days later, Classic Rock Magazine has premiered a second song from the hotly anticipated album. It’s called “Firefly” and it shows a more melodic and wistful side to the band’s new material.

I’d hesitate to call it a ballad, since it still has heavy prog metal riffs, but it certainly has a more personal emotional feel to it. It makes sense for this to be the single from the album, I imagine we’ll see a lyric video or music video soon enough. The song has a really nice lead melody, Jarzombek’s drumming is superb (as usual), and Ray Alder sounds really good. Also, today happens to be Alder’s birthday, so happy birthday Ray. According to Classic Rock, the song is very personal to Alder, that it deals with how things don’t always work out the way you want them to, but that it’s okay and you can just move on.

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Ironically, I was outside the studio one night while recording it, and there they were – fireflies floating through the trees in the forest. I hadn’t seen a single firefly for at least 15 years so I took it as a sign. A sign of what, I don’t know; but very ironic nonetheless…

I’m fairly sure that’s not the correct use of the word ‘ironic’, but who am I to correct the grammar of a legendary prog metal singer? Oh right, I’m a writer on the internet, that’s basically all we’re good for.

Also, seriously guys? A song called “Firefly” AND a song called “Into the Black” and not one reference to Joss Whedon’s Firefly? If Arjen Lucassen can do it, so can you.

I can’t wait for this album, all signs point to it being really really good. Go listen to the song here and then come back and agree with me

Darkness in a Different Light will be released on September 30th through Inside Out Music, and a Fates Warning tour through Europe and then the US will follow soon after.

Darkness In A Different Light tracklist:

01. One Thousand Fires
02. Firefly
03. Desire
04. Falling
05. I Am
06. Lighthouse
07. Into the Black
08. Kneel and Obey
09. O Chloroform
10. And Yet It Moves

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