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Haken return with reworked demo song from forthcoming EP

Haken Restoration

English prog rock/metal band Haken are an absolute favourite here at The Monolith. Time and time again we find ourselves awed at what the band has been able to create, with their last album The Mountain getting an absolutely glowing review from yours truly. The band have been busy since its release last year, playing Progressive Nation At Sea festival amongst a variety of other shows.

They have also been hard at work recording a new EP called Restoration, which was announced fairly recently, and is due out next month.

Strictly speaking, Restoration is not an entirely new EP; Haken have recycled some material from their first demo, trimmed songs down and rewritten them. We now get a fans first taste of the restored material in the form of a music video for “Darkest Light.”

The video is nothing special; it’s just the band playing the song, which is cool but not really worth talking about much.

The song, on the other hand, is very much worth talking about. It certainly sounds like older Haken material; it’s heavier, with more emphasis on riffs. I’ve not heard the original song this was based on – “Blind” from their demo Enter the 5th Dimension – but there’s clear added benefit of having input from the band’s new bassist Connor Green, who joined the band just earlier this year.

While most of the material on The Mountain trended towards a lighter progressive rock feel, this one really showcases how heavy the band can be when they want to be – but despite that, there is still that breath of melody and lightness that comes from Ross Jennings’ unbelievable voice.

Haken are probably the best progressive rock band in the world at the moment, so if you haven’t heard them yet and you consider yourself a fan of the genre, you really owe it to yourself to hear them.

Restoration comes out October 27th via InsideOut Music.

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