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Say “Goodbye Mexico” and “hello St. Sleep”

St. Sleep 2014

Back in 2012, I was lucky enough to catch one of the final shows from British ambient post-hardcore band The Elijah. Good show, but they’re not what I’m here to talk about.

Supporting them in that show were a band I’d never heard of before called Hello Mexico. They were fucking awesome. I found a free EP of their online the next day, and have played it fairly regularly ever since.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they ever played another show. I’ve been heartbroken. Really; it was one of those situations where a band’s complete mastery of their material causes you to fall in love right away, and I would happily have thrown money at them if only they’d opened their wallets to take it.

An airy, upbeat brand of pop-tinged rock, the star of the show was consummate vocalist Myles Pereira, whose majestic voice and magnificent beard were a treat for both the ears and the eyes. Surrounding him was an outfit who had crafted earworms of the highest magnitude, both musically adept and smile-inspiring.

So yeah, gutted.

I’ve been trying to find out what happened to them ever since I realised they weren’t active any more, and more importantly why not. Well, this past week the answer became somewhat clearer: they’d gone into hiding to write new material, and rebrand themselves: welcome back St. Sleep.

By way of introduction, they’ve released a free self-titled 3-track EP, which is all the introduction you need really. Opening track “Slow Flaws” is also available on Bandcamp:

Mastered by Cult Of Luna‘s Magnus Lindberg, this EP is like Hello Mexico‘s dark mirror; it’s bright pianos replaced by thrumming synth and Myles’ vocals switched from soaring to brooding.

I figured it would probably be good before I hit play, but it’s basically just a continuation of the same high quality but with a different tone.

Do yourselves a favour and get involved now so they produce more fantastic work like this, and hopefully play some shows soon.