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Hell’s Headbangers release seventh free compilation

Hells Headangers compilation

Hell’s Headbangers are one of metal’s most premier underground metal labels, dealing in fire-spitting black, thrash, heavy, and death metal. They periodically release free samplers which generally see a couple of bands release entirely new songs. Such is the case with the newest compilation, which features new music from some pretty cool bands, and it is all available for the low low price of absolutely free!

The complete list of bands with new songs on this compilation includes:

Children of Technology
Cemetery Lust

That’s a pretty cool list for sure. Most interesting are Midnight, Children of Technology, and Barbatos. Barbatos is the side-project of Yasuyuki Suzuki from the Japanese street metal band Abigail. I had the pleasure of witnessing them live back in September, and they put on an amazing show. Children of Technology are a crossover punk speed metal sort of band with some pretty cool dystopian themes, and Midnight are black thrash, and have been making pretty big waves in the metal world of late.

Other notable bands featured on this comp are the mighty Inquisition, High Spirits, October 31, Witch Cross and Zemial. Most have released new albums in the past year or so, and October 31′s track is notable for it being from a reissue of their 1997 album The Fire Awaits You; a gem of an album that really should have had more recognition than it did, coming as it did during a time when nu metal ruled the scene.

This is a pretty damn good compilation, absolutely worth checking out yourself. It is free to download, so there really is no excuse for not getting this, you’re getting twenty one high quality tracks.

Hell’s Headbangers apparently have plans to release a free CD version for ordering and at their merch booth at Maryland Deathfest this year. They’re also planning on pressing an LP version which will be available to be bought for pressing cost. That’s about the coolest thing they could have done, and I will almost certainly grab a free CD. You’re also getting that sweet artwork, which was done by Anticrhist Kramer in homage to the Black Sabbath album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. There’s no way you can lose!

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