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Lazer/Wulf, set to release their palindromic debut album this year, preview it with “Beast Reality”

Lazer Wulf

People are paying a lot more attention to Lazer/Wulf and their their schizophrenic, groovy brand of technical metal, and for good reason. The exciting new instrumental band have been working hard touring and it seems to be paying off; with I saw them opening for Kylesa about a year ago and was extremely impressed by them at the time. A year later, and the world is eagerly anticipating their newest album, which will be titled The Beast of Left and Right, the artwork for which is above.

As an added intrigue to their already engaging sound, the album has allegedly been written as a palindrome, being the same backwards and forwards. I cannot imagine how difficult this must be to achieve so I, and I imagine many others, will listen at least once just to find out how it will work.

Last week, the band released a new song from the album, called “Beast Reality (Center Piece)” The song is an intense, finely crafted ride into heavy riffs, tempo changes, and excellent instrumental work. Each of the three instruments work together in perfect harmony, and each with astonishing technical ability – but this is by no means a tech-death type wank-fest; no, this is a band who have tightened and focused their grooves, and as such move smoothly from one riff and time signature to another. The drum work is especially lovely, it is interesting and all-over-the-place without being a mess.

I am seriously intrigued as to the nature of this palindrome album. At the very least it is a good marketing technique, and from the sounds of it, they are backing it up with good music.

The Beast of Left and Right will be released on June 15th via Retro Futurist.

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