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Toil and trouble no more as He Is Legend return from indefinite hiatus with a new song “Something Witchy”

He Is Legend 2014

Indefinite hiatus. There can’t be a two word phrase that sinks the heart of a fan of any band deeper and faster than indefinite hiatus. Only ‘bass solo’ comes close.

This sinking feeling is only compounded if the band in question has only just released a cracking album. Of course, the granddaddy of them all in this respect is Refused, chucking in the towel almost immediately after unveiling the majesty of The Shape Of Punk To Come. Johnny Truant also called it quits when their excellent No Tears For The Creatures had been out for a matter of weeks.

And back in 2009, it was the turn of the fans of North Carolina-based He Is Legend to throw their heads back and scream obscenities at the sky, after the conflicting pressures of the band and real life became too much for the quartet barely three months after the release of the kooky and charming It Hates You. However, the band were very clear that the break was more of a pause than the final curtain.

There has been some low-level gigging ans writing activity from the He Is Legend camp since 2011, but the pace has clearly been agonisingly slow for band and fans alike. But now, with a new drummer joining the ranks to replace Steve Bache – who has chosen to pursue a career outside music – they have broken cover with new track “Something Witchy“. And very promising it is too.

It Hates You showcased a band capable of writing big rock tunes with a slightly off-kilter twist, somewhere between Foo Fighters and Tomahawk. On this evidence, they don’t appear to have lost their touch. Check it out:

This single will be available to buy from February 18th, with the new album hopefully seeing the light of day in the next few months. We have added it to our increasingly lengthy list of anticipated releases. Watch this space.