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New track from Lunatic Soul rears its head ahead of album release

Lunatic Soul WOAFB

Sometimes I wish bands named their songs solely for good headline puns.

Kscope Records are one of the finest labels involved thoughtful progressive art rock releases these days. Amongst their roster, alongside such legends as Porcupine Tree and Anathema, is the Polish band Lunatic Soul. Formed in 2008, the band is the side project of vocalist/bassist Mariusz Duda from progressive metal titans Riverside (whose last album made my favourite albums of 2013 list, a decision by which I stand).

While I admit to not knowing much about the project’s back catalog prior to this, I am now highly anticipating their forthcoming album Walking on a Flashlight Beam, which will be the fourth from Duda and co. On Tuesday, a new song from the upcoming release was premiered via KScope Records’ YouTube channel.

The new track is called “Cold“. It starts on a very slow note, with echoing percussion for almost a minute before the guitars slowly find their way in. Lunatic Soul generally have a fairly dark-prog sort of sound, and this tune is no exception. There are definitely similarities with Riverside, but this track finds the listener walking down strange paths into the dark unknown rather than the heavier emotional examination that Riverside usually is. There is this sense of unease throughout the entire composition and mixed with the gentleness that is Mariusz’s smooth voice, it creates quite a strange atmosphere.

I am finding this track rather enjoyable. It builds an almost cinematic atmosphere, something that might be found in a surrealist art film perhaps. It is constantly evolving, building to something bigger, until the very end. The lack of a true climax perhaps hurts it a bit, but that could be because it might be that it is supposed to be experienced as a whole album rather than by separate tracks.

The band have also offered the track for free download, which you can get on here.

Walking On A Flashlight Beam will be released on October 13th via KScope Records.

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