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Mechina release another incredible space-faring, galaxy spanning adventure

Mechina Cepheus

Mechina are an industrial groove metal sort of band. I say “sort of” because that doesn’t really begin to describe their sound. It is a mix of symphonic, science fiction, death metal, groove metal, electronic, and… just that nameless unique quality that many bands lack. Let’s call them intergalactic industrial metal. Yes, that’ll work.

They have self released all their albums so far, including one earlier this year titled Empyrean (read our review here). Unfortunately for me, I haven’t gotten around to listening to it yet, and they even released an updated version with orchestral versions of some songs a couple months afterwards. But they are not a lazy band, as yesterday they released yet another new song, this one titled “Cepheus“. It wouldn’t be the first time a band released a new single just after releasing an album, as they did that back in 2011 after the release of their album Conqueror by releasing the incredible single ”Andromeda“.

Cepheus” is beautiful and yet destructive. It clocks in at 10 minutes, so prepare for an intense journey through space and time. Quite truthfully, this feels like the soundtrack to an utterly epic sci-fi movie, whose plot spans eons and results in the complete destruction of many civilizations. It is futuristic, orchestral, and has a lunging grace to its electronic elements. The clean vocals are magnificent, and the growled vocals are fearsome as well. They seem to be in use as another layer of instrument to add to the overall atmosphere of the song rather than in the conventional way vocals are used which over shadows the music. There are floaty female vocals as well, which serve to add a more ethereal texture to the song.

Also, is that artwork up there not fantastic?

Mechina are definitely a band to watch. Go to their Bandcamp and listen to “Cepheus” and Empyrean and Conqueror, all of which are available to stream and buy.

What do you guys think? Do you like Mechina’s music? Did you check out Empyrean? How would you classify Mechina? How does this compare to the rest of their material?

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