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Mono premiere track from second of planned double album release

Mono 2014

A couple of weeks ago we got to hear a brand new Mono track called “Where We Beginwhen we learned that they would be releasing not one but two new albums in October. A dual release with juxtapositional light/dark stylings, “Where We Begin” hailed from the lighter ‘first’ album The Last Dawn. It was Mono all over, and very tasty indeed, but with reports that the ‘second’ - Rays Of Darkness – will be “their blackest album ever”, we were so incredibly curious to get a slice of that too.

Wait no longer, friends: “Recoil, Ignite” is here.

Honestly, my familiarity with the Mono back-catalogue isn’t complete, so I can’t say whether or not this is their darkest work, but it sort of does and sort of doesn’t feel dark. It’s certainly emotional and desperate, which could be interpreted the same way, but as with most solely instrumental music – particularly post-rock – it’s doing to take some digestion, and digestion of the entire thing, to get the best handle on it.

Rays Of Darkness will feature contributions from highly-regarded Japanese musician Tetsuya Fukagawa of Envy, a veteran of the genre with Mogwai‘s Mr. Beast in 2006, as well as Envy’s more recent material.

The Last Dawn and Rays Of Darkness will be released on October 24th in Europe and October 27th in the UK (through Pelagic Records), October 28th in North America (via Temporary Residence Limited) and November 5th in Japan (through Magniph), and can be ordered as a double CD package shown above or as some pretty sweet vinyl action, if that’s your bag.

Mono will be playing across Europe and the UK in support of the release in late November/early December – full details can be found on their Facebook page here.