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Monster Magnet return to the limelight with The Duke Of Supernature in tow


They’re baaaaack! After a three year hiatus, the pioneers of stoner rock, Monster Magnet, are set to unleash a new album on the world. Titled Last Patrol, it will be their second album on Napalm Records and their ninth overall. Apparently they’re looking to make up for lost time, because they just announced an extensive US tour to go with it, which, if it comes anywhere near you, you should absolutely go to. It’ll be well worth your time and money.

Our friends at The Obelisk were kind enough yesterday to host a premier of a new song from the legendary band. The song is called “The Duke (Of Supernature)” and it is really cool. It’s a mellow, spacey, bluesy, dusty journey jaunt through a hot sunny day, knowing that a cold beer waits for you at the end of it. The acoustic guitar rings beautifully, and the electric leads shimmer wonderfully through it all until it builds into a satisfactory garage rock anthem by the end. This is the band in fine form, and clearly losing nothing of their verve and vibrancy with age. Frontman and founding member Dave Wydorf describes it as “a return to our roots in terms of vibe and recording style”

The band has changed their sound quite a bit over the years, but have stuck to a basic, catchy as fuck approach that never ceases to be worth listening to, and Last Patrol will clearly be no exception to that. As with most bands that have had an extended career, there has been a strong clamouring from a certain subsect of their fans for the band to return to their roots, instead of their more accessible material that they’ve developed over the years. Last Patrol actually seems to deliver on the promises of the band, despite the fact that many groups often say they’re embracing their old school style when they really don’t. Monster Magnet haven’t made a name for themselves by disappointing fans and Last Patrol may just be that return to form that fans have been desiring for a long time.

To celebrate, their impending tour will be their first full blown North American tour in over a decade. Wydorf promises Monster Magnet classics will be played on the tour alongside new cuts from Last Patrol which must be exciting for long time fans.

Last Patrol will be out in various formats on Napalm Records on October 15th

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