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Monuments reveal third full new song from forthcoming album The Amanuensis

Monuments 2014

Third full, that is, but fourth overall. We have, of course, had bits and pieces of “I, The Creator” since it was released instrumentally as the band’s demo track when seeking a new vocalist last year, and was calledThe Indulger at the time. We also had a live instrumental performance of Atlas” earlier this year, and then last week there was a lyric video for the stunning Origin Of Escape.

Up to the table today it “The Alchemist”; possibly one of the heaviest tracks on the album. We’ve been bandying around words like “Michael” and “Jackson” in the office in relation to this album, but the metaphorical nut-knackerer that is the opening of this track should leave you in no doubt that The Amanuensis packs a punch. Take a listen:

Let us reiterate: this album is going to knock your socks into orbit and probably start a galactic war when they’re taken as Earth’s opening salvo in the war for the Milky Way.

Monuments have clearly spent the last year very wisely. Browne’s compositional nous has continued to grow from previous work, but more than that, this thing just thunders along, beating face and popping locks at every turn. The rhythm section of Mike Malyan and Adam Swan allow the guitarists’ riffs to bounce along on a groove of which Stella would be envious, and Chris Barretto’s installment as frontman continues to look like a master-stroke.

We’re sure you can’t wait to hear this thing, and we’ll have our review up later this week. Release dates are as follows through Century Media Records:

Europe / Australia /NZ: June 23rd, 2014
USA / Canada: July 8th, 2014