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Cave-In + Converge + Saint Vitus soundman = Mutoid Man

Mutoid Man 2013

If the words “Cave-In” and “Converge” in conjunction with one another don’t elicit some sort of squeak of excitement from either end of your body, then this article might not be for you. Or it might; whatever, I’m not your dad.

Fans of either band will recognise the man on the right as Stephen Brodsky of Massachusettsian mathcore (pre-2000)/space rock band Cave-In, who are one of those fantastic bands who manage to bridge many genres and mike fine strides in them all. Brodsky plays guitar and sings at the same time, which is enough for me to hate him, but he’s also pretty good at both and one of those thoroughly recognisable vocalists with years of experience.

The chap in the middle is Ben Koller, of a variety of bands but most notably Bostonian hardcore giants Converge (as well as Acid Tiger, All Pigs Must Die and United Nations, if anyone is counting). The man is widely regarded as one of the scene’s best drummers, and with good reason; his Converge career alone has brought eight studio albums and a growing host of accolades, so if you’re going to form a supergroup, Koller is not a bad choice at all.

The third member is a little more localised, but if you’ve ever been to Saint Vitus bar in NY you might recognise Nick Cageao, who is the venue’s soundman, and who plays bass for the group.

Together they are Mutoid Man, and they’re preparing to release their debut album Helium Head at the end of this month, so a few tracks have been making the rounds recently. Yesterday was the first time I’d heard about the project, and so my introduction came by the way of “Scavengers” being debuted over at Noisey.

Holy hell, right? It’s very not Cave-In, and it’s very not Converge, but at the same time it bears the unmistakable mark of the two musicians. The guitars screech apocalyptically, the drums are pacey and hard-hitting, and Brodsky’s vocals soar across the mix and take me right back to my teenage years and listening to Perfect Pitch Black.

Besides this, there have also been “Scrape The Walls” at the Deciblog and “Gnarcissist” at label Magic Bullet‘s website, so you can get a good idea of what the album’s going to sound like. I’ll be honest, I’ve gone from 0 to stoked pretty quickly, so I can’t wait.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they’ll be taking this setup on the road too often – if at all – but there is a video of their one gig at Vitus Bar recently, so here’s that:

Helium Head will be out November 22nd through Magic Bullet Records. Keep an eye on the band’s Facebook here!