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Deathcore up-and-comers Nexilva tease new album with new track

Nexilva - Eschatologies album art

Deathcore gets a bum rap sometimes – it’s one of those oversubscribed genres that seems easy to create, so you get a lot of new bands – particularly young ones – creating what ranges from passably average to woefully undercooked.

British up-and-comers Nexilva are pretty young themselves – they range from 20-22 – so you might be forgiven for writing them off. I think I probably did at first, but the more I hear from them, the more I like what I hear.

Their forthcoming debut Eschatologies just recently got a release date, and so they’ve premiered a new song to get the juices flowing. After last year’s title track, they’ve put out the album’s second track “The Misdirection Of God“. Check it out:

It’s easy to compare this style of music to bands like Born Of Osiris, who use a lot of keys and atmospherics, and that’s certainly true for these guys, but it will be interesting to see how they change it up across the span of the fourteen tracks that make up Eschatologies. It could easily get old, but it could just as easily be really interesting.

Speaking of the title,eschatology is an area of theology dealing with apocalypses and fiery death and all that sort of thing, so it sounds like an apt title for the style. The press release reads:

“From the fantastical (demonic prophecies and living dead epidemics) to the realistic (nuclear devastation), Eschatologies takes you on a journey which you’ll be craving to repeat again and again.”

The full tracklisting looks like this:

01. I: Teste Humanitatem Mori
02. The Misdirection of God
03. Our Progenitor
04. This Is Humanity
05. II: Scientaia Tenebris
06. Necromancer
07. The Collapse
08. Eschatologies
09. Cybernetic Lucidity
11. Premonitions (ft. Ricky Lee Roper)
12. Invasion
13. Evil Will Prevail (ft. Meyrick De La Fuente)
14. IV: Non Magis Adrogantiam

Eschatologies will be out April 7th via Ghost Music (UK/EU/AUS) and Subliminal Groove Records (Worldwide). They’ve got no current touring plans, but they did play the last two UK Tech Metal Fests, and have toured a fair amount over the past year or so – but we’d be surprised if they don’t announce something soon. Keep your eyes peeled!