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Nightingale’s new song is dazzling

Nightingale Retribution

Around the Monolith, we are big fans of the progressive rock. From the classics to the ones making new ground, we’re all about that crunchy proggy goodness, and if I’m being real here, there are not many prog musicians in the world today more accomplished than the Swedish master Dan Swano.

The man is generally known more as a death metal guy – he’s the mastermind behind progressive death metal band Edge of Sanity as well as being one of the forces that was in Bloodbath at one point – but he has a more musical side to him as well: his progressive metal project Witherscape‘s debut album accomplished a brilliant fusion of death metal and 80s progressive rock – and then there’sNightingale.

Nightingale was originally formed as a more gothic rock project, but quickly forayed into progressive rock instead. What was initially meant as a vessel for a different sound turned into a full fledged band that released six albums until 2007 when the band appeared to go on hiatus.

Until now that is, for Nightingale have been reborn and is releasing a new album this year, titled Retribution. The first song from the album went up for listening pleasure last week via Classic Rock, a nice emotional tune called “Forevermore“:

…goddamn now I need some new pants.

Dan, despite being a prolific death metal artist, also has a tear-jerkingly beautiful singing voice, and this song has it on full, dazzling display. The song opens with a pretty line that blossoms into a full hitting melodic riff, with lovely synths woven over the heavier guitars. The chorus is wonderfully sing-along-able, and the post-chorus riff is achingly pretty. The lyrics are appropriately heart-felt as well. There really is a lot more about this song than I can say here, so I recommend you just go and listen to it.

Retribution will be out on InsideOut Music on November 10th.

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