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The Monolith’s new favourite post-rock band premiere new tune from Build Seas

Nordic Giants - Build Seas

Since Simon started banging on incessantly about British post-rock duo Nordic Giants recently, we’ve found it hard not to be a little taken with them. In his review of their set at ArcTanGent festival recently, he said “…Nordic Giants played my favourite set of the day and are my most exciting discovery of the entire festival. It’s been a very long time since a band previously unknown to me has provoked such a profound reaction – the auditory equivalent of love at first sight.”

Nordic Giants are preparing an interesting month in October. The very first day will see them release Build Seas, a brand new EP, which propels them across the UK for the rest of the month in support. To get us all excited for that event, which is only a week away mind, the band have premiered a new song called “Violent Lightson the lovely website of Edinburgh webzine GoldFlakePaint.

Featuring Alex Hedley of psychedelic rock band Saturday Sun, “Violent Lights” bucks post-rock trend by clocking in at only 4:14, but this seems to be the M.O. for this group, whose output so far has included three other EPs, all of similar track lengths. Considering the band also make video accompaniments for their music, this hardly surprising.

Here’s the track:

Once Nordic Giants return from tour, however, they will be releasing a second EP calld Dismantle Suns. Obviously this is thematically linked with Build Seas, so it will be interesting to hear what kind of sonic dichotomy they’ve created to wit – and indeed, what this will throw up in their live show.

Speaking of live shows, they have an interesting USP, in that the two members perform anonymously in birdman costumes; covered in feathers and body paint, and almost soaring around the stage between instruments. I’m told that’s how it feels anyway, and coupled with the excellent video presentation, makes for an awesome spectacle you should definitely go and see…and speaking of which, dates are below!

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