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NYN releases playthrough video ahead of new album launch

NYN - Eventuality album art

A former colleague of mine from my HBIH days, Turkish-born, Baltimore resident Noyan Tokgozoglu has been making music for a few years now under the moniker of NYN. He released an album called The Anachronist a couple of years ago, and we now stand on the release day of his second effort Eventuality – the gorgeous art for which can be seen above (courtesy of Mark Cooper).

NYN’s music is complex and technical, floating around the aggressive end of progressive metal, and utilises a gorgeous 8-string guitar for much of the work.

I’ve missed much of the build-up for Eventuality – partly because NYN’s style isn’t something I am an authority in, and thus not part of my normal listening habits – but something about this video he just put out caught my attention:

Motherfucker is talented! Look at him there, shredding away and growling his chilly little heart out. Shot by Nick Budosh, the video showcases just what he can do with the album’s penulitimate song, “Oppression Unleashed“, and as NYN himself details, there’s something very close to his heart about this particular track:

“For those who don’t know, I’m Turkish. This song is about the sword of oppression that hangs over the heads of the Turkish people who disagree with the authoritarian dictate of the government. In 2013, a peaceful protest by citizens who disagreed with the overbearing regime of the then-prime minister (now president)’s party. The protesters were met with extreme police brutality. The militarized police force and the government killed protesters, arrested journalists who reported on it and censored social media sites that tried to disseminate information that the mainstream media was unable to cover due to the government’s influence. The protests lasted for months, and 11 were killed, over 8000 were injured and over 3000 were arrested. In the end, the protests ended because of the overwhelming force used by the regime, including lethal weapons, tanks, poisonous tear gas and arresting of volunteer medical personnel who tried to offer aid to injured protesters.

I wrote this song to express my solidarity to my fellow Turkish people. And to tell those who wield power in the world that it is not acceptable to use that power to intimidate, injure and silence those who disagree with you. Please take a moment to inform yourself about the plight of the Turkish people here. And whenever there is injustice in the world, remember that information and morale are extremely important for those who are faced with it. Through informing others about the injustice that is going on and lending support to those who are being oppressed, you can make a difference too.

Thanks for hearing me out on this, and I hope you’ll enjoy the music.”

Eventuality is out today, and can be picked digitally up via Bandcamp.