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First crushing cut from new Old Man Gloom record raises its simian head

Old Man Gloom - The Ape Of God album artwork There have been various rumblings around the Old Man Gloom camp of late. Rumblings about a movie. Rumblings about a new album. Rumblings are generally what OMG are all about, but tangible rumbles are always better than the immaterial, so it’s with pleasure that we present to you some brand new…rumbles. For the uninducted, Old Man Gloom are the soupiest of super groups. With members ranging from the wild and hairy Aaron Turner (ex-ISIS) to apocalyptic rider Nate Newton (Converge, Doomriders), and low things from Caleb Scofield (Cave-In) and skin-pounding from Santos Montano, there’s a wealth of experience and talent on display. Even well-versed fans may be aware of the band’s full name – The Old Man Gloom Alien Simian Defense League – and so the new album’s title sort of makes sense: The Ape Of God. They do have an obsession with them monkeys. OMG today unveiled the first skull-thumping track from what promise to be another eclectic release. Old Man Gloom are known dually for their creepy, ambient electronic atmosfuckery, and also their ability to absolutely DESTROY you with the relatively unfussy but absolutely crushing riffs. Their 2006 effort Christmas is my favourite example of this; sandwiching jack-booted future-war poem “Something For The Mrs.” between “Skullstorm” and “Sleeping With Snakes“. The new tune is of this latter ilk. “The Lash” is aptly named named, ascending from a thin, eerie wail into pounding red hell. It’s pretty short but a perfect slice of what we hope will be another hit for the group. Have a listen: The Ape Of God will be released November 11th, via SIGE Records (vinyl/cs), Profound Lore (CD/digital), and Daymare (CD Japan). Keep an eye out for that movie too – you can watch the trailer on Vimeo here. Simia Dei. Chris