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Second slice from Old Man Gloom’s new album

Old Man Gloom 2014

About a month ago to the day American supergroup Old Man Gloom unveiled a new track called “The Lash“. It left our backs raw and our mouths salivating a little. It was good.

Thankfully it’s not been so long between releases for the band this time around. The delay between 2004′s seminal Christmas and 2012′s No was aching, leading many to believe the band wasn’t going to do anything else. That’s not the case though; Aaron Turner (ex-ISIS) – who plays guitar and yells very loudly (in the band, anyway) – gave a really interesting interview to Fred Pessaro of Noisey in debuting their second new track. Amongst other things, he said:

“We’ve been friends for a really long time and like I said before, the hiatus we took wasn’t intentional. It was just our life circumstances made it impossible for us to get together, then it seemed like it was just the right time for us to start doing things again.”

The rest of the interview talks about Turner’s labels and the kind of music he envisioned for OMG when the project started – which leads me nicely into the second new track, released this week: “Predator“…

If you aren’t yet familiar with their M.O., Old Man Gloom have, at the core, two modes: absolutely crushing riffstrosities – played at maximum volume, as they were when I saw them earlier this year – and their experimental side, which sees them dabble with electronic instrumentation, drone, and sometimes even poetry.

“Predator” mixes both of these; it starts off brash and bold, and then just over half-way through it descends into a scattered, fuzzy nightmare.

The two tracks so far have been really great, so we absolutely cannot wait for the full thing. The Ape Of God will be released November 11th, via SIGE Records (vinyl/cs), Profound Lore (CD/digital), and Daymare (CD Japan). There’s also a documentary on the return of Old Man Gloom launching in the next few days, so keep an eye on their Facebook.