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Experimental rock supergroup ORBS return with new single

ORBS - These People Are Animals single artwork

I remember clearly when I first heard ORBS‘ two preview singles “Man Of Science” and “Megaloblastic Madness“. The band had set up a special preview on their website and to be honest, it was a bit of a revelation.

Hardly surprising, given the progeny of the group. With Between The Buried And Me bassist extraordinaire Dan Brigss on bass, ex-Abigail Williams/ex-Cradle Of Filth pianist Ashley Ellyllon, and Fear Before guitarist/vocalist Adam Fisher fronting, there was already a lot of potential, but the pure mad joy of the tracks was infectious, and that was a feeling that permeated the entirety of their debut album Asleep Next To Science.

It’s been a long while since we heard from them last, but they’ve been teasing new material all year. An album was originally mooted, but this has since slipped – but fear not, there’s a new 7″ single (of two tracks, technically) which is also available digitally, and it’s out NOW! Have a listen:

Whilst there isn’t the same “wow!” factor that I had the first time around, the title refrain from “These People Are Animals” has been stuck in my head since last night, so there’s certainly something to it. It’s quite a bit different though; gone are Ashley’s sweeping pianos and the angular riffing of the guitars, and tonally both are a bit darker. There was a strong storytelling theme to the lyrics of Asleep Next To Science too, and whilst this isn’t completely gone, it’s not as strong as before.

All that’s fine though. It’s really good that they’ve recorded something, and indeed, the album is still on course:

“…there is a full length that was recorded at the same time as the 7″ tracks. Again, because it was self funded and we’ve been going at it ourselves while also busy with our other projects, it’s taken a while longer. It’s passed through multiple engineers but the mix is 98% finished. “Past Life Regression” WILL be out in the first half of 2015.”

ORBS have also promised that they will be playing again, sometime next year.