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Pallbearer’s forthcoming album Foundations of Burden bears fruit

Pallbearer FoundationsOfBurden

Little Rock, Arkansas doom metal outfit Pallbearer took the metal community by storm with their glorious 2012 debut album Sorrow and Extinction. It was by all accounts a massive, brooding offering of grief, covered in beautiful soaring melodies and ringing vocals aching with sorrow.

The follow-up, to be titled Foundations of Burden, is set to be released very soon, and we’ve been gifted with our first taste of what the new album will sound like with a brand new song for streaming called “The Ghost I Used To Be“, which over at NPR here.

It’s truly breath-taking, exploding right away with a pummeling chord structure, but then backing away into plodding riffs and weeping melodies. The guitars are really heavy, but the lead parts feel really light and floaty, like nothing you’ve heard outside of While Heaven Wept‘s melodies. The drumming is really excellent, and the drums sound superb; their tone is heavy and echoing, pounding out the rhythms and fills with gusto.

The vocals are drenched in a ghostly ringing melancholy and they’re mixed quite well. They stand out from the music, but not so much that they seem completely separate.

About four minutes in, the song kicks into a different gear, going for something more driving. Then it shifts again back to slower, before drawing almost completely away to a lighter touch with the vocals echoing through. The funerary feel of the song is what Pallbearer do best, and the epic ten minute sprawl of this song showcase their true talent.

I had the pleasure of seeing them live not once but twice in 2013, and both times they built an utterly enchanting atmosphere out of their riffing. Their first album was excellent, but it appears as though their next will top even those heights.

Foundations of Burden will be released via Profound Lore on August 19th.

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