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Pig Destroyer release a new song through Adult Swim’s single series

Pig Destroyer

Most of you out there will be familiar with the American cable network, Adult Swim, that shares channel space with none other than Cartoon Network. By day, it’s the non stop source of entertainment for children, but by night, the adults can come out to play…

Despite that sounding extraordinarily creepy, that’s essentially the premise. Adult Swim puts on all manner of abrasive and trippy animated fare for their audience, their longest running original series being Aqua Teen Hunger Force. However, not as many people may know that via their website they often do a number of promotional giveaways or highlight new music and products via their website.

A few days ago, to surprisingly little fanfare, a new Pig Destroyer track slipped onto their website under their Adult Swim Singles banner, called “The Octagonal Stairway“. Pig Destroyer are of course one of the premier grindcore bands in the entire scene, known for their pounding drums, roaring riffs, pulsating grooves, and of course J.R. Hayes scathing social commentary. Simply put, this new track is what every Pig Destroyer fan wants from their music.

The Octagonal Stairway” begins with a dizzying amount of distortion that rapidly grows until the riffs burst in, slicing through the air in a disarmingly aggressive fashion. Hayes sounds unhinged here, and the drumming is both fast and extremely tight. The whole song races along until building to the inevitable end where the kick pedals go into overdrive and bring us to a wickedly headbanging finish, similar to how “The Diplomat” worked on their most recent release, Book Burner.

Book Burner had a lot of pressure on it initially, as many people hold albums like Phantom Limb in massively high regard. Despite Book Burner being a little different from the sheer chaos found in their earlier work (they are getting older after all), it still found a place in the hearts of most fans. If you loved Book Burner then “The Octagonal Stairway” will appease you greatly as well, however this track is unlikely to convert the previously unconvinced. Head on over to Adult Swim to download it for free. Be warned, the player is a little strange and may require a few refreshes to work, which is why I’ve included a Youtube link below. Watch out for that decapitated horse head with pink eye – it keeps staring at me.

What do you guys think? Are you Pig Destroyer fans? Did you know Adult Swim releases music? Were you a fan of Book Burner? Is “The Octagonal Stairway” your jam? Sound off in the comments!

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