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San Franciscan sludge trio Prizehog stream new track from their forthcoming third album

Prizehog 2014

Prizehog: Zakk (Drums/Vocals), Veronica (Synthesisers), Rion (Guitars/Vocals)

The press release for this one began with the sentence “PRIZEHOG is a swine like no other; a beast which rather than simply residing in its own excrement, awaiting a reservation with the bacon-maker, instead delivers an unclassifiable battery of intoxicated, celestial sludge thunder.”

I could sort of tell I was going to like this one, just by looking at it.

Originally from San Francisco, but now based in Portland, Prizehog have been going since 2006 and have two albums under their belts. Somehow this is my first exposure to them, and that sucks major balls, because as they prepare for the release of their third, Re-Unvent The Whool (See? “Like no other”) and I spin new track “Shed” for tenth time, I wonder where life went wrong.

Well, not quite, but it’s a bit good, yeah? Check it out:

This song is a builder. From the delicate toms and bent strings of the opening, through the eerie keys and Gregorian vocals, and right up to the mid-section crescendo, “Shed” is psychedelic and punishing, like running Tough Mudder on acid.

It’s the third of seven tracks, which altogether look a little something like the following. Check out that artwork too!

Prizehog - Re-Unvent The Whool album art[4th March 2014]
[Eolian Empire]

01. Parradiggum
02. Whoady
03. Shed
04. Awsme Bube
05. Irrelevant
06. Gnumskill, The Ruler
07. Direction To The Valley

Re-Unvent The Whool is out March 4th through Aeolian Empire, and can be pre-ordered via digital download or 180-gram vinyl from here. There’ll be a hometown show in Portland next week to celebrate the release, and then a U.S. tour is planned for May, but there’s nothing official on that yet, so we’ll probably update you when that becomes available, and hate you most sincerely for being able to go.