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Protest The Hero + Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler on drums = Protest The Gods?

Protest The Hero - Volition

When Canadian tech-metal quintet (or, quartet, as they technically are right now) Protest The Hero created a blindingly successful crowdfunding enterprise for their next album around the turn of the year, we weren’t entirely sure how long it would be until we got to see some output, but I think eight months is pretty patient by any standard (assuming writing had already been finished), so we’re super stoked that the guys have now graced the world with a new tune from the, until now, untitled effort.

The song is called “Clarity“, and is certainly towards the longer end of their length spectrum, running at just over five and a half minutes. As ever with Protest, it’s hooky as fuck, with plenty of groove and frontman Rody Walker spending more time singing rather than screaming, making it super friendly for your lame, non-metal-liking friends.

You might also remember that the band’s founding drummer Mo Carlson left the band prior to recording the album, and so none other than Lamb Of God‘s highly regarded skinsman Chris Adler stepped in to help record – even if he’s not got the spare hours to be in the band full-time – and he’s extremely tight throughout, so…good job man!

The album itself is to be titled Volition, which considering it was funded of the band’s own volition, I guess is completely apt.

Preorders are now available from this general location hyear (get your own PtH bathrobe, all you Hefner wannabees). Although self-funded, Protest have cut a number of distribution deals, and so come late October (29th, to be exact), the album will be available through a variety of labels, including Razor & Tie in the United States, Sony Music in Canada, and Spinefarm Records everywhere else.