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Power metal legends Rhapsody Of Fire unveil new song “Silver Lake Of Tears” a month ahead of the release of their new 11th album Dark Wings of Steel

Rhapsody of Fire

Power metal titans Rhapsody of Fire have endured the departure of a few vital members in the past couple of years, but are to return with a brand new album of over the top, glorious, dragon-filled symphonic power metal. After 10 albums, founding guitarist and virtuoso Luca Turilli parted ways with the band due to creative differences. The split was friendly though, so I can’t imagine they’ll never work together again. In the meantime, the band has hired a new guitarist, and recorded their 11th album, titled Dark Wings of Steel. The release date is still a month away, but you can get your fix early, as the band has premiered a song from the new album.

The new song is titled “Silver Lake of Tears” and I am really enjoying it. The band used a full orchestra on this album, the first time since 2010’s Cold Embrace of Fear, and it is really used to the best possible effect. It sounds deep, towering, and dark. Luca Turilli is probably the best power metal guitarist to have ever existed, and replacing him is no easy task, but new guitarist Roberto De Micheli does a very good job of that though, and he does mesh well with the style, probably because he was actually in the band in their very early days when they were still called Thundercross. Alex Staropoli on keyboards seems rather absent aside from a keyboard solo, as the parts that would normally be his keyboard patches were instead performed by the Macedonian Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Vito Lo Re. The rhythm section, consisting of the legendary Holzwarth brothers, anchors the song well, leaving the guitars, vocals, and symphony to weave melodies as grandiose as the caves of Dar Kunor. The melodies in the song seem almost melancholic, and occasionally bright enough to contrast the darker feel of the orchestra.

Dark Wings of Steel will be released through AFM Records on November 22nd in Europe, December 3rd in North America, and December 25th in Japan.

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