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Saor get more aggressive with their new track

Saor Aura

So, who remembers Saor? We really didn’t talk about the one-man black metal project all that much last year (except in my year-end list where I named the debut album from the project to my Top 10 Black Metal Albums List, although the album was released under the project’s original name of Àrsaidh). Roots was a beautiful atmospheric folk journey through the rainy highlands of Scotland. For those that missed it, go back and listen to it, as the man behind the project, Andy Marhsall, isn’t some newcomer, having made great folk black metal in previous bands Askival and Falloch. There is much rejoicing to be had now, as Andy has released a new song for the project and plans on releasing a new album only a year after the debut.

The new song is called “Children of the Mist” and it feels more aggressive than anything from Roots. The blending of post-black metal and folk elements is tighter, and the song feels more like a journey than the painting-like compositions that were on the first album. That doesn’t mean it scraps the gorgeous tapestries of sound, but it has more motion to the song. It goes from an aggressive folk-tinged riff, through a section that almost sounds like a war-chant, to a warmer passage reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings score, back to a heavier riff again throughout. It sounds really wonderful, carrying a beautiful lament, a cry for freedom and the Scottish legends.

Children of the Mist” will be on the album Aura, which will see release some time later in 2014 on Northern Silence Productions. Meanwhile, the same Northern Silence Productions, who are easily one of my favourite record labels, will be re-issuing Roots, which is already out-of-print, and Saor no longer is associated with the label that released it originally.

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