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Joey Jordison founded supergroup Scar The Martyr unveil their first song

Scar The Martyr

When it was announced a while back that SlipKnot‘s illustrious drummer Joey Jordison, was working on a side project with the guitarists from Strapping Young Lad (Jed Simon) and Darkest Hour (Kris Norris), and the keyboard player from Nine Inch Nails (Chris Vrenna) it peaked my interest somewhat. For one thing, I’m one of the few from the “professional” metal online sphere that seems inclined to admit that they actually really love SlipKnot. I’m still searching for albums that contain as much genuine anger as Iowa and thus far, I’ve only managed to find a few.

Say what you will about SlipKnot’s music, Jordison is one of the most proficient drummers that the mainstream metal sector has to offer, so I’ll always keep one ear open to any of his projects. Looking at the line-up – joined by relative newcomer vocalist Henry Derek, and bassist Kyle Konkiel – it’s not exactly an All-Star supergroup in the making, but it’s an intriguing set of musicians regardless.

The project has been given the name Scar The Martyr and a week ago now they dropped their first song “Blood Host“. I listened to it at the time, but felt that I didn’t really have much to say about it and moved on, working on a number of other things. However, it brought me back, and now I feel like I have something worth saying about it, so here it goes.

It’s an initially perplexing song, because it seems unlikely to come from any of the individuals within the band, however when you listen closely and consider everything brought to the table, it genuinely sounds like a fusion of those four bands. On paper, it almost seems like it wouldn’t work, and while this song certainly isn’t anything to get insanely excited over, it actually is quite catchy and slowly sinks in over time.

Project founder Jordison had this to say about “Blood Host“:

It’s very coincidental that ‘Blood Host’ is our first track and video because it was the first song I wrote for this project when it was nothing but a mere idea at best. Songs, of course, followed, and moulded into an overall feel, concept, and now a full-length album. ‘Blood Host’ has it all: hypnotic riffs, soaring choruses, pummelling breakdowns, and the lyrics are infectious in every sense. We are very proud of the track and it pretty much lets you know where we are coming from, musically, and what we are all about live. Scar the Martyr, up close and personal.”

The weakest link here is definitely in their vocalist, whose harsh vocals are too generic to care and his clean vocals are very uninspired and safe. It’s a shame as this vocalist clearly has some, albeit limited, ability but here he isn’t doing anything of note. It’s because of him that I feel that Scar The Martyr is a massively lost opportunity. If you included a vocalist of the same calibre as Corey Taylor, Devin Townsend, or hell, even Trent Reznor then you could create something that fit together properly. As of now we have some strong instrumentation being dragged down by a vocalist that doesn’t entirely suit the sound and mood. A shame, but I’ll still keep an open mind for the full release.

Scar The Martyr will be embarking on a North American tour in support of Danzig, with awful sexual exploit band Huntress in tow.

Their self titled album will be released on October 1st, via Roadrunner Records.

What do you guys think? Would the band do better with an alternate vocalist? Is this a project that you’re interested in? Sound off in the comments!

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