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Black metal supergroup Seidr continue to preview their new album Ginnungagap

Seidr Ginnungagap

Seidr are a doom/experimental supergroup of sorts, made up of members of Panopticon, Wheels Within Wheels, Vit, and Below. Most famous of the names involved would probably be Austin Lunn of Panopticon, who is becoming quite a well-known act in black metal with their odd but effective fusing of black metal with bluegrass elements. Seidr is a completely different animal, however, pouring out odd cosmic doom riffings and strange guitar driven ambient effects.

Their 2011 demo, Cosmic, was made available for free download and it was a fantastic trip through strange doom-scapes. A full length also in 2011 called For Winter Fire followed, also an excellent release. Now signed to Bindrune Recordings, the band is planning a new album, Ginnungagap, for release in September, the beautiful artwork for which you can view above.

A couple new songs have come to light so far, with the most recent being premiered via Invisible Oranges. The newest is called “A Blink of the Cosmic Eye”, a seventeen minute long journey that traverses awe-inspiring nebulae and vast starless voids. The first 11 minutes consists of dark and swirling ambiance with occasional guitar parts, before launching into some seriously devastating and monolithic doom riffs. The song changes again, for the final stretch, into something fluid and eerie. The cold guitar lines ring with promises of oblivion, before letting a final thunderous chord ring and fade into sounds of a chilled wind.

Another song that was released earlier, on Stereogum, is called “The Pillars of Creation” and the title track is streaming on Pitchfork. I haven’t listened to the title song yet, but “Pillars of Creation” boasts a strangely soothing atmosphere, and some magnificent drum work. This album is primed to be one of the top doom metal releases of the year.

Listen to “Blink of A Cosmic Eyehere, “Pillars of Creationhere, and “Ginnungagaphere.

Gunningagap will be released on September 16th on Bindrune Recordings.

What do you guys think? Is your style of music? Are you excited for the new album? Are you familiar with the bands the other members are in? Sound off in the comments!

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