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Sir Christopher Lee releases another metal EP to celebrate his 92 years of awesomeness!

christopherleemetalbanner-620x400 The loveable old coot is at it again.

As awesome as it would be to hear Harrison Ford front a Star Wars themed brutal death metal band or Elijah Wood belt out some Mordor themed black metal; we’ll have to settle for fellow actor Christopher Lee singing about Don Quixote.

While most may recognize him from his roles in Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and many other films, Lee is also a vocalist. Having already released two heavy metal Christmas EPs, and two albums based on historical figure Charlemange, Lee has announced another EP. The new tracks, collectively titled Metal Knight, have been released in celebration of Lee’s 92nd birthday.

The EP is a collaboration with symphonic metal band Rhapsody of Fire and features 7 tunes. The announcement comes with a track by track preview and description narrated by Lee himself.

Christopher Lee - Metal Knight

The track listing includes two covers from the musical Man of La Mancha, which is based on the 17th century fictional character Don Quixote. There is also a cover of “My Way“, a song popularized by Frank Sinatra.

Aside from this somewhat random choice in cover songs, there are plenty of things about this release that may strike some as incredibly odd. However, it seems to have received a generally positive response. To say nothing of Lee’s other accomplishments, it is arguable that this is not a release worthy of much attention from die hard metalheads and fans of the underground. Indeed, those seeking a more extreme sound will likely regard this as nothing more than a novelty, only receiving attention due to Lee’s prior fame. That being said, watching the video announcement, it is apparent that Lee is very knowledgeable about the background and history of these songs and seems to be genuinely passionate about the music. Take a listen to the preview below and decide for yourself.