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Sonata Arctica return with a new song called “Wolves Die Young” – a return to form?

Sonata Arctica Pariahs Child

Power metal fans rejoice! Sonata Arctica, the legendary Finnish power metallers who are not Iron Maiden and are not from England, have returned for their newest release, Pariah’s Child. Following on the heels of the universally derided Stones Grow Her Name (seriously, what were they thinking?), it will be their eighth studio release.

Previously when they announced the new album, they’d promised it would be a return to an older sound. When a band does that, it can set off alarm bells, but sometimes they do surprise by making something great. On Thursday, the first song from the new album surfaced online via YouTube. It doesn’t look like an official stream and it may not be up forever, so get your listen in while you can.

The new song is called “The Wolves Die Young” which will be the opening song on the album. At first listen, I thought it was pretty boring, lacking any sort of power or interesting melody. However, I found myself subconsciously singing along to the chorus, and ended up going back and listening again. Ten listens later and I can officially say I love the song. It isn’t as ridiculously cheesy as one might expect, but it is still power metal, so you are getting lots of cheese.

The melodies, vocal, guitar, and keyboard, are all really pretty and crystalline. The true attraction of the song is the chorus, which is really happy and anthemic. It is easy to imagine a highly energetic crowd singing “This is the day when the wolves die young!” It is somewhat poppy, but not in the bad way that “Shitloads of Money” from Stones Grow Her Name was. Extrapolating from this one song, Pariah’s Child is indeed a return to their more power metal/progressive roots, which is a joy to hear indeed.

Pariah’s Child will be released some time in March on Nuclear Blast Records. Be sure to catch them on one of their upcoming European or North American tours!

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