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Thursday/Made Out Of Babies/Red Sparowes/United Nations supergroup raises head

Strangelight - 9 Days

Strangelight” was a song by one of the nineties most famous and revered post-hardcore bands, the mighty Fugazi. The band defined the genre in their time, and the song comes from their final album The Argument. It seems fitting, then, that it is also the name of a new ‘supergroup’ project from one of the genre’s more recent stars, Mr. Geoff Rickly of the now defunct Thursday.

Rickly is joined in Strangelight by a group of guys with a rap sheet longer than Martin Sheen, including Brendan Tobin (Made Out Of Babies, Red Sparowes) Eric Cooper (also of Made Out Of Babies) Kenneth Appel (Goes Cube) and John Niccoli (Mussels), all adding to Rickly’s Thursday and anarchist collective United Nations.

The group are preparing to release their debut, an EP called 9 Days, and in anticipation we’ve been treated to a preview, with the track “Split And Divideover at Alternative Press.

The naming of the EP is fairly simple; it was recorded in nine days, so it is, in their words, “An honest and simple name for a simple honest record.” The band also states that their sound “draws upon DC visionaries, Amphetamine Reptile destroyers and Touch & Go noisemakers, offering up all the signature stylings of an early ’90s Dischord band.”

That all sounds like a lot of fun. “Split And Divide” sounds like a true amalgam of its influences, and whilst that doesn’t always work (see: pretty much every Metallica clone in the past 20 years), this song alone shows the band have enough ingenuity to spread across a really interesting records. The press release quoted an early review which states the EP has six “massive, post-hardcore jewels, with nice clean and melodic vocals, dissonant guitar work, a fantastic rhythm section and quality song writing,”

Well well. Sounds good.

9 Days will be out October 8th through Sacrament Records.