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Frolick in the “Garden Of Time” with UK prog-rock band Syd Arthur’s new song

Syd Arthur Sound Mirror

Progressive rock is alive and well in the UK these days. It isn’t all Yes-clones and Dream Theater worshippers either, no; Syd Arthur are a band that take much influence from the sunny, psychedelic sounds of the Canterbury prog scene, which birthed such acts as Soft Machine and Caravan.

Syd Arthur formed in 2005, and hail from the south east of the UK, mainly from London, Canterbury, and Brighton. They released their first album, titled On An On, in 2012. It did not garner much attention, but got great reviews from the few that were aware of it.

Yesterday we were alerted to the presence of a new song from the band over at Prog Sphere. It’s called “Garden of Time” and it will be released on the band’s second full length album, Sound Mirror, to be released on May 20th.

Garden of Time” starts of fairly simply with a nice sunny-feeling guitar riff, light-hearted drumming, and vocals that feel like they’re straight out of the late 60s. By the middle of the song, however, it has built itself up to something spacey, moving, and truly psychedelic. It still feels laid-back, but manages to do that while sneaking some tense undertones into the strange keyboards that wash over the song at around the three minute mark, bringing to mind something like Hawkwind or perhaps Ozric Tentacles.

The sound on this song are really interesting, though I would really enjoy more. If the members of Syd Arthur end up reading this, write longer songs, guys! This could easily have gone on for another couple minutes without becoming boring. The dynamic shift from acid-washed 60s rock to psyched out alien space rock feels completely natural, and the production is lovely.

If you like what you hear, you can download the song for free if you join their mailing list.

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