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Take a listen to former The Chariot frontman Josh Scogin’s new project ’68

68 Josh Scogin

With the project that was The Chariot done and dusted, the question on most fans’ lips would have been “what will Josh Scogin do next?” The founding light and only member to remain in the band throughout the group’s ten-year history, Scogin is a massive talent within heavy music, and not one anyone would want to see fade into the background. Fear not, then, as he’s already back with ’68, and a new song:

Now, the quality’s a bit rough, but that’s because it was recorded live (in what looks like the same studio as the “David de la Hoz” video). What’s interesting is that Scogin has picked up the guitar along with his vocal duties, and so it’s just him and a drummer at present.

It’s very him. So distinctive is his style that you can’t mistake it for anyone else, so perhaps it’s hard to detatch this from any Chariot-style expectations, but there are a few non-sequiturs, so plenty for fans new and old to latch onto.

It’s not going to be for everyone, admittedly; it’s noisy, unmelodic and unfiltered – much like The Chariot were – but worth a listen nonetheless. The track is available, along with one other, on a 7″ entitled “Midnight,” which is probably this song’s name, but that’s not been confirmed. Get it here.