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The Ruins Of Beverast will force you to stare into the abyss

Ruins of Beverast

Black metal as a creative force these days is somewhat stale. There are a lot of trend-followers, and “trve kvltists” who want to relive the glory days of the 90′s Norwegian scene, but sadly, there are few ground breaking acts. Enter The Ruins of Beverast.

The Ruins of Beverast, for the uninitiated, are a one man black metal force from Germany, who have created some of the most intriguing and corrosive black metal albums in recent memory, with competition perhaps only from the likes of Deathspell Omega. Albums such as Unlock The Shrine and 2009’s opus Foulest Semen of the Sheltered Elite, have shown the band crafting a very ruinous, doomy sound. Lyrically, they are your black metal standard of war, death, and anti-Christianity, but those elements combine in a much more obscure way. I remember one night of sitting in a friend’s dorm room, drinking mead, and listening to Ruins of Beverast albums on vinyl, and being wowed by the sense of darkness emanating from the strange music.

The year is now 2013, and The Ruins of Beverast played live for the very first time at Roadburn Festival, a show I would have loved to have seen. The band is also ready to release its fourth full length album, which will be titled Blood Vaults. Already one song from the album, entitled “Malefica” has been released to the world, and now, as of 11pm Pacific Time last night, a second track made its unholy appearance.

The song is called “Ordeal” and it is yet another indication of this project’s continued evolution into the madness and damnation that is black metal’s lesser explored fringes. It is also possibly the shortest Ruins of Beverast song aside from interludes, clocking in at just less than 4 minutes. It is doomy, infectious, primal, and gives the feeling of being put under a slowly strengthening curse. The short run time is not at all hindering to the atmosphere the band packs into their work. The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and fear is what The Ruins of Beverast are best at evoking, creating and manipulating, mixed with a sense of pure awe at the black abyss yawning before you. Needless to say, the track lives up to its name.

Blood Vaults will be released in September on Ván Records.

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of The Ruins Of Beverast? Is your first exposure to their claustrophobic brand of black metal? Are you excited for the new album? Sound off in the comments!

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