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Check out a couple of songs from Estonian black metal debutants Thou Shell Of Death

Thou Shell of Death

I was doing my daily internet music trawls, just minding my own business, when I came across a band from the distant lands of Estonia. I can’t say I know much, or anything, about the metal scene over there, but if this band is any indication, they have some excellent potential. The band is known as Thou Shell of Death, an atmospheric black metal band from Tallinn specifically, Estonia’s capital.

I did a bit of digging and found a couple of songs to listen to from their debut full length album Sepulchral Silence, which was released on September 28th, in 1000 copies, on Talheim Records.

The first song is called “The Wood Water” and is a lumbering beast of a black metal tune. The keyboards are seriously grandiose, giving the feel of standing in a dark forest, staring up at the front gates of a castle inhabited only by revenants and spectres. The vocals are suitably howling and echoing, ringing with undead vigour. It is cold, intimidating, and very dark.

The second, “The Night Wind“, is a slower, even heavier number. The ghostly keyboards send chills skittering down my spine, and the guitars sound earthy and full. Described as atmospheric, the band doesn’t fall into any of the traps that plague so many who wear that label. It helps that this is a full band rather than a one-man project, even capable of performing live. In fact, as their album release show they played in a monastery with legendary funeral doomsters Skepticism. If there was one obscure European show that I could have gone to, that would have been on the list.

Sepulchral Silence can be ordered here

This is a year that has had a fair amount of great black metal from the bigger guys, but not a lot from smaller unexpected sources, so this is a nice surprise. Hopefully there’s more greatness to be found in Estonia as well. If any reader knows a good Estonian metal band, let us know!

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