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Second slice of fucking bliss from Trap Them

Trap-Them-Blissfucker album art

Just over a month ago, American hardcore band Trap Them released the first album from their forthcoming album (“Salted Crypts“, if you were wondering) – and also unveiled the best album title that will be used this year: Blissfucker. It’s awesome in a word.

Trap Them have always created dark, angry music, and quite honestly, there’s not much better on a rainy Monday morning to get you past the “fuck you, early morning”s and ready to face the day. 2011′s Darker Handcraft is a monumental beast of an album, and so anticipation for Blissfucker is high. “Salted Crypts” set a great tone for the new record, but it’s now time for round two. Get your gloves out; here’s “Organic Infernal“:

The production is super raw; that slow, deliberate high-hat pops right out of the speakers, and the subsequent riff is simple but effective. Ryan McKenney’s vocals are absolutely banshee-like, and it’s incredibly cathartic as a result. Blissfucker is going to rule hard.

The band’s summer touring plans are shaping up with a trip to Scandinavia to play Copenhell in Denmark next month, followed by a trip to Oslo to play with Next Life and Haust a few days later.

The seminal and sold out Deathwish Fest in July is their only other stop at the moment, which will include appearances from Converge, Doomriders, Coliseum and Cult Leader, and looks ridiculously awesome. Damn you, Massachusetts!

Blissfucker is due out June 10th via Prosthetic Records. Interestingly (?), it’ll be presented on cassette as well as the usual CD, LP and digital. Is this becoming a thing again? I guess their grind roots run strong, but even so, I’m not sure it’s a wise move. Still, what do I know?